Digital video converted directly to DVD rivals HD video quality. We can also shoot and edit your project in HDV.


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DVDs, CDs, Web Videos and PowerPoints
The wonderful part of DVDs is that they play on both home DVD players or on computers with DVD readers.

Keith produces DVDs using iDVD and DVD Studio Pro. This software combined with Apple computers allows the creation of interactive DVDs with dozens of menus containing videos, slide shows and document images. In addition, the DVD-ROM feature allows you to added hundreds of PDFs, uncompressed photos, MS Word, PowerPoint or Excel files for computers to see.

Compression is the process of taking very large video files and shrinking them down to WMVs, MOVs, MPG1s, MP4s, Flash and a dozen more formats including H.264 HD video files.

We use three software packages to provide the very best results: Apple's Compressor, Autodesk’s Cleaner and Sorenson’s Squeeze Suite. Keith has completed classes in Los Angeles and Toronto to help master the compression process.

CDs are produced in partnership with MakeDesign. Keith completes the video segments and compression while Andy Keane prepares the MacroMedia Director shell, labels and packaging.

Web videos require very intensive compression and making good looking video with small file sizes is a real art. Keith has a proven track record in providing superior results for both streaming and progressive downloading.

Many clients turn to us to prepare sound and video files for PowerPoint presentations. Keith is also well known for creating very interactive, media rich PPTs for customer presentations.

We also have DVD recording units which will directly record your VHS, Hi8, DV and DVCam footage. We can record 1, 2, 4 or even 6 hours of video on a single DVD.