It takes more than good equipment. It takes talent, vision, and the experience of directing hundreds of live broadcasts.


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Sample Satellite Budget

Originate from auditorium using mobile television truck:

  • Professional moderator to host event and coach presenters
  • Producer / Director (8 days)
  • Assistant Producer (6 days)
  • Audio equipment and operator (four wireless microphones, amplifier, speakers)
  • Crew (director, camera (3), audio, uplink operator, engineer, assistant director) for set up and broadcast days
  • Truck: three television cameras, three vtrs, character generation, intercom, phone interface, mixer
  • Lighting director (3 days)
  • Make up artist on day of broadcast
  • No set, set graphics or scripting are included
  • Lunches and snacks for crew
  • Security guard to protect equipment overnight
  • Full afternoon of rehearsal on day before the broadcast
  • Prompters (2) on cameras
  • On-line editing (one day) to prepare roll-ins and day reel (open with titles, bumpers and countdown)
  • Audience views two 27" monitors plus additional speakers
  • Lighting and staging two days before broadcast
  • Truck and audio equipment set up the morning before broadcast
  • Rehearsal will occur in afternoon before broadcast
  • Second short rehearsal just before broadcast
  • Satellite testing followed by two-hour broadcast
  • Includes 10 copies

Satellite Broadcasts Sample
Pre-production Budgets

Executive Speaker
Shoot executive on-location for two hours with director / cameraman, production assistant, prompter with operator and make up. Edit for one day, add titles and music. 2 copies
Pre-produced Video
Two days pre-production, professionally written script, two days on-location shooting with assistant, tape stock, edit 4 days adding digital effects, layering, titles and music to produce seven minute video. 2 copies
Total AV Support
We will provide prompters, professional audio support and monitors / video projectors for your event.