Total AV Support .
We will provide prompters, professional audio support and monitors / video projectors for your event.


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Sample Digital Video Budgets

Record and Edit Event
Set up two hours before event, record two-hour event with assistant, prepare edit decision list, edit footage for two days, add open titles and music, make 5 copies.
Executive Speaker Video
Shoot executive on-location for two hours with director / cameraman, production assistant, prompter with operator and make up. Edit for one day, add titles and music, 2 copies .
Industrial or Marketing Video
Two days pre-production, professionally written script, two days on-location shooting with assistant, tape stock, edit 4 days adding digital effects, layering, titles and music to produce seven minute video, 5 copies.
Two Camera Remote, Computer
Graphics Support
For projecting on big screens, event videotaping or feeding images to a conference bridge or internet feed. Includes two cameras and two operators, production assistant, scan converter for portable graphics computer, switcher, monitors, intercom, music license and playback deck. Can select up to four video sources with two frame synchronizers and 240 real time transitions. Supports both composite video and component S Video output. 5 copies up to 60 minutes.