Digital video easily converts for web sites, CDs and DVDs.


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A Digital Solution

GO DIGITAL.... network quality at affordable prices

Too many suppliers are focused on expanding their "creative wings" or creating award-winning videos. Often these goals are in direct conflict with cost-effectively delivering a memorable message to your target audience. Keith has developed 415 industrial videos for instruction, employee communication and product launches.

  • A seasoned professional who has produced hundreds of videos for businesses.
  • Great people skills to get important images in a pressure filled situation.
  • Three-chip digital video technology backed by wireless microphones, portable and studio lighting, tripods and support gear.
  • Digitally recorded stereo sound.
  • Non-linear digital editing capabilities to assemble hundreds of video clips into an attention-holding program.
  • A network of seasoned co-suppliers who have worked together hundreds of times.
  • The flexibility to cope with dozens of unexpected needs in a smooth, confident professional manner.